A social shopping marketplace that brings together both your favorite brands and your favorite people!

About Us

Driven by tech and rooted in retail, we are a social marketplace that serves as a one-stop-shop for all of your e-commerce needs. Just follow your favorite influencers and closest friends, and you'll be the first to know the products that they've been eyeing or wearing in their latest posts!

With a unique universal cart, all of the products that our partnered brands have featured on the app can be purchased within the platform, so you'll never have to worry about endless shopping tabs or keeping track of wish lists and purchases from multiple retailer apps. Say goodbye to digital clutter and join the most frictionless and fashionable online shopping community today!

Easy to Use

Simple features that help eliminate existing barriers around mobile shopping.


Save products to your own wishlists and never lose track of a fresh find! You can also share your public stashes with friends both within the app and on any other platform.

Universal Cart

Add products from various merchants into one cart, and check out in one fell swoop!

News Feed

Follow friends and influencers in the app, and be the first to know the latest products they've been adding to their public stashes.

Content Partners

Generating unique affiliate links for every product featured in your latest blog post is a thing of the past, and your followers no longer have to jump from one app or tab to another. Keep all of your shopping content and activity in one place by joining our social commerce community!

Through Stash, you can shop and save (stash) all products from your favorite brands in one platform, share your public stashes with your followers either within the app or through a single sharable link, and get rewarded for your influence!

For further details on stash partner opportunities as well as how the program works, please contact our team of in-house specialists with your questions at

Brand Partners

We strive to solve challenges that most online brands face by connecting them directly to customers in our unique ecommerce ecosystem. We make it easier for customers to navigate the online shopping world by eliminating barriers around discovering a new brand, to ultimately making that final purchase. Work with us to access:

  • 24/7 content across the Stash ecosystem
  • Exposure to endless new customers
  • Higher direct-to-consumer margins

Interested in joining our community?
 For further details on brand partner opportunities across our platform, please contact our team of in-house specialists at

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